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Please make sure you are happy with your mixes and arrangements before sending them. If we notice that something may need drastically changing in any stereo masters we will advise you on what you can do at your end first, free of charge of course.

We allow for one adjustment of the master at our end but if you want to send a whole new mix then we will have to charge you the going rate again as there are no presets with our outboard equipment. We have had to change this now and not offer further discounts on mastering of new mixdowns as the bottom line is that it is starting again and will take the same time as it did in the first place, if not longer, to make sure we also keep what you loved about the first master printed into the new master.

**With the digital stereo master we can process a new mixdown at £10 each as the whole chain will have its presets saved.


How different parts sit in the mix or the arrangement of a track or its content is so subjective that we can not analyse every mix to give our personal perspective to how we think where everything should be. If something is blatently not going to work in the mix and make your track sound terrible then this is the time that we shall mention it. If a mix is sitting all together in general and all the frequencies are there, then in our human hands, we can master it to its full potential.


There are no refunds as you are paying for our time and the service we provide.


We work for some of the longest running, biggest artists and labels in the underground dance world with several different chart successes including an official UK No.1..... we will make sure you are happy.


All tracks and payments have to be sent at the same time for any discounts to apply.


If there is anything you would like to ask us or you may be unsure about then contact us at stu@sestudios.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

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