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Additional stereo master for optimised playback on streaming sites Youtube and Soundcloud. Youtube playback is determined by LUFS. It will adjust your audio volume in your video either way so that it will match the rest of the videos on the site. If you use a standard master this can make your track not sound as good as it could be on their platform. We can supply you a WAV to attach to your videos for optimum streaming playback.

On the other side of the coin is Soundcloud who convert everything to 128kbps MP3 for its streaming playback. They don't actually adjust the volume but during the converstion intersample peaking can take place causing clipping and maybe some distortion. We can supply you a WAV master to upload to make sure this does not happen and that you get the best possible playback.

Both masters are seperate jobs and therefore are £15 each and are only available as an add on to an original master.

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