Turnaround times are currently within 7 working days.


Please make sure you are happy with your mix or project and you read our Exportation Guidelines and our Terms & Conditions before you order to make sure we can process your work efficiently. We are however not going to let you or ourselves look bad so once we start the job if we find anything that needs changing that we can not get around during mastering then we will talk to you at that point to help you adjust it at your end and send us a new mix before we carry on. We say to place the order before we check the mix as 90% of the time any issues arise once we have started to run the track through our hardware and thus have actually started the job.



Stereo Mastering-

We have a slight discount scheme in place in which the first stereo master of any one order is £30 but additional tracks in that order are priced at £22.50 each. If you have a radio edit, PA version, reprise, acapella, instrumental or an individual stem of the track in which the original version (the parts/instruments used, can be less parts but not more or different, mixdown and overall premaster level are the same) is already in the same order then these will be £12.50 each. All tracks have to be paid for and sent at the same time for the discount to be valid.


Please can put the link to your premasters in the box provided during the ordering process or send them via to so we do not miss them.


Turn around times are generally within 7 days for stereo masters. Large projects can also take longer but please feel free to ask and discuss time scales before ordering. If we start to get really busy we will put an announcement on the home page.


Payments can be made via our cart below using Paypal, which also accepts card payments if you do not have a Paypal account, or by bank transfer. If you wish to pay by bank transfer please contact us and we will send you our details.

All payments are in advance, no exceptions.

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